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AVM system


public transport

Management of the

rescue vehicles

Management of the

local policemen

RES is a new company with a technical personnel that has gained lot of experience in the management
of fleets of vehicles. the design department has realized more and less complex communication and
monitoring systems used today in several Italian towns, dedicated to the following sectors: local
policemen vehicles; rescue vehicles; urban public transport.
This means that these systems have a high flexibility that has to be valued and defined, but all have the
following elements: a fleet of vehicles; system of mobile part containing the on board computer, the driver
terminal, the unit of geographic localization; a short-range an a long-range transmissive equipment; a
operative central. Basically, the functioning of a system with the above mentioned elements can be described
as follows: all vehicles transmit and receive data to and from the operative central through the mobile part
system that elaborates the data of the short and long-range transmitting equipments.
The function of the site for data collection and concentration is to handle with a precise and univocal policy
the packets of messages arriving from the mobile part and from the operative central.
Our company is specialized in analyzing, projecting and realizing the main elements for the equipments.

This kit can reach a considerable size and complexity because of the
high number of vehicles operating in the system, generally buses, and of
the information interchanged with them. Not all vehicles are equipped in
the same way, because of precise technical choices or for administrative
and economic choices.

This system is made up of a series of electronic
equipments that, build in a rescue vehicle - generally
ambulances - allow the personnel in the vehicle to
transmit and receive information to and from the
operative central.

The size and complexity of this type of system depends on the
sector in which it must operate. Generally, the vehicles have
all the same kit and the electronic equipments have a
reasonable size so that they can be installed both on cars
and on motor vehicles.